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ALTAIR with their experience on field has developed many products which are most important accessories for advanced NDT inspection. These products are tried and tested in various industries. Following are our specialized product

Manufacture & supply of weld samples in carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel etc and various welds configuration (Butt welds, Double V, Compound bevel, T joints, branch joints, nozzles etc). Customer specific defect requirements are provides. All specimens shall be supplied with UT, RT, PAUT or TOFD reports (depending on customer requirements)

We manufacture and supply PAUT & TOFD scanner for use with multi probe on Pipe girth welds, longitudinal welds, pressure vessel welds, storage tank welds etc. The UMS 100 scanner has versatile functions and allows user to adapt the scanning requirements based on the product examined. Its strong and sturdy design and lightweight aluminum band provides scanning repeatable, reliable and better result

UMS Scanner

Universal Modular Scanner (UMS) is designed and manufactured in Singapore by people who know the requirements of PAUT & TOFD inspection. UMS is a result of continuous collaboration and observation between hands-on operators, advanced NDT engineers, designer’s and fabricator. Rest assured, UMS delivers the best results.

Probe pressure is even at all clock positions. This is same when used with 2 or 4 PA probes.

UMS scanner can be used from OD 1 inch to any maximum diameter.

Scanning at fixed offset with no room for deviation throughout the circumference. (Scanner runs on band which is fixed

Four probes either PAUT or TOFD or combination of both. Option to extend for 2 more probes is possible.

Bands consist of magnet (some) with enough strength to hold and provide fixed offset scanning even in pressure vessel, storage tanks and any other flat surface.

UMS can be used to inspection both circumferential and longitudinal welds in both pipes, pressure vessels & storage tanks

We strive to be different with our creative thinking and ability to propose customized inspection solutions.